Coordinate Massive Operations


SimpliCity is built to help keep gates clear for short and smooth passenger transfer times. Monitor everything from the Live View mapping system with audible alarms built to prevent runway incursions.

The web portal eliminates paperwork, optimizes workflows, and maximizes your budget. Our fully modular system can scale your operations while helping you prevent runway incursions, delegate tasks, inspect and log assets and FODs, and verify automated reports.

  • Geo-fence Security Alerts – Prevent Runway Incursions with virtual boundaries that will sound an alarm whenever a GPS enabled vehicle enters a prohibited area
  • Event Management – Events help you track, manage, and report against major storms, operational activities, etc
  • Customized Inspection Sheets – Cyclical reports ensure all electrical and mechanical assets are maintained
  • Full Management Suite – Gates, Snow Removal, Depots, FODs, and much more

Our hardware is setup to withstand extreme weather and driving conditions.

Each unit can be installed without damaging the cab providing a simple plug and play solution for any vehicle.

The GPS Unit provides track & trace and ignition status for all vehicles

The in-vehicle tablet is fully compatible with the mobile application

The wireless gateway syncs salt controller outputs with the application providing full visibility on product dispersion


The Mobile Ops App

The in-vehicle mobile application delivers years of experience in the hands of every driver.


Every driver gets their unique login pin. With GPS tracking, you can manage the entire fleet directly from the portal’s Live View, whether it’s sweepers, snow plows and blowers, friction testers, or even luggage carts.

Real-time Dispatching

Dispatch and complete work orders with real-time GPS tracking. Inspect runways, perform electrical and mechanical asset inspections and manage FODs. Paperless reporting and automated inspections keep you accountable, efficient, reliable and green.

Asset Inspections

Automated cyclical inspections maintain all airfield assets. Inspection sheets can be built for anything, including mechanical and electrical inspections, including vehicles and runway lights.

And with unlimited picture uploads, you’ll build detailed digital logs. Refer to them at a moment’s notice by searching for the unique numerical ID automatically associated to every new asset.


See it in Action

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